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About Location.zone

Location.zone is a user friendly geographical website, where you can find positioning informations for more than 9 million locations.

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Website is uploaded periodically, country-by-country. Latest uploads can be seen on bottom of this page or on Search Country page.
Searching location is divided in 3 (or 4) easy steps.

  1. Find the country
  2. Select the type of the group (example Lake, Island, Airport etc.)
  3. If group type have more than 30 000 locations, you have to select area (administrative division, like state, county etc.)
  4. Find the location name

On Any Location page, you can get some basic information about any Latitude and Longitude coordinates.

Latest 10 uploads

Greece, updated: 2018-05-01
Ireland, updated: 2018-04-30
United Arab Emirates, updated: 2018-04-28
Portugal, updated: 2018-04-28
Finland, updated: 2018-04-26
Denmark, updated: 2018-04-22
Turkey, updated: 2018-04-21
Sweden, updated: 2018-04-21
Poland, updated: 2018-04-21
Norway, updated: 2018-04-21

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