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Stream in Manitoba

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Souris River
Tinndal Creek
Tinney Creek
Tiny Creek
Tippieskaw Creek
Tiskran Creek
Tobacco Creek
Tourond Creek
Townsend River
Trail Creek
Triple Creek
Trout Creek
Trout Creek
Truro Creek
Tugela Creek
Tullibee River
Turtle River
Turtlehead Creek
Twelve Mile Creek
Two Legged River
Umisk Creek
Umisko River
Upimintenaw Creek
Upper Pinawa Channel
Upper Salt Creek
Utik Creek
Utik River
Uyekis Creek
Valley River
Vamp Creek
Vanco Creek
Velde Creek
Vermilion River
Vermilion River
Viel Creek
Vogar Creek
Waban Creek
Wachistoon Creek
Waddie River
Wagon Creek
Wakopa Creek
Wakus Creek
Walker Creek
Walker River
Walters Creek
Walton Creek
Waninapikatanaw River
Wanipigow River
Wanless Creek
Wapachusk Creek
Wapatakosanik River
Wapawaka River
Wapawukaw River
Wapawukaw River
Wapikani River
Wapinyayo Creek
Wapisew River
Wapishtigau Brook
Wapisi River
Wapiskowmuskayk River
Waposkwayan River
Wapus Creek
Ward Creek
Warkworth Creek
Warnews River
Warpath River
Warrington River
Wasachewan Creek
Wasakamaw River
Wasaykamik River
Washikamow River
Washow Bay Creek
Waskada Creek
Waskao River
Waskunhikunis Creek
Waskwaytamo Creek
Waskwiatik Creek
Wass River
Watchorn Creek
Waterhen Creek
Waterhen River
Waterlily River
Watson Creek
Watson Creek
Watson River
Watts Creek
Watts River
Wavey Creek
Wawakuskwayank Creek
Wawao Creek
Wawao Creek
Wawataynee Creek
Wawayanagan River
Waypapeekowin Creek
Weaver Creek
Webb Creek
Webb River
Weekwaskan River
Weemeeteegosi Creek
Weesakachak Creek
Weir River
Wekinna Creek
Wekusko Brook
Wellburns Creek
Wendigo River
Wesachewan River
West Branch La Salle River
West Branch Medora Creek
West Branch Red Deer River
West Branch Sturgeon Creek
West Branch Willow Creek
West Creek
West Deep Creek
West Duck River
West Favel River
West Nesayaketakayow River
West Pine Creek
West Ruby Creek
West Scott Creek
West Shell River
West Spring Creek
West Squirrel Creek
West Waterhen River
West Wilson River
Wetiko Creek
Wetiko River
Whalen Creek
Wheadon River
Whirlpool River
Whisky Creek
White Bear Creek
White Beaver River
White Creek
White Goose River
White Lily River
White Rabbit Creek
White Rock Creek
White Whale River
Whitebeech Creek
Whitecross Creek
Whitefish Creek
Whitehouse Creek
Whitemouth River
Whitemud Creek
Whitemud Lake Creek
Whitemud River
Whitesand River
Whiteshell River
Whytes Creek
Wigwam Creek
Wigwam Creek
William River
William Wood Creek
Williams Creek
Willis Creek
Willow Creek
Willow Creek
Willow Creek
Willow Creek
Wilson Creek
Wilson Creek
Wilson Creek
Wilson River
Wilsons Creek
Wimapedi River
Winnberg River
Winnipeg River
Wintering River
Winthers Creek
Witchekat Creek
Wolf Creek
Wolf River
Wolfe Creek
Wolverine River
Wolverton Creek
Wonder Lake Creek
Wood Creek
Woodcock Creek
Woods Creek
Woody Point Creeks
Woody River
Woosey Creek
Wowchuk Creek
Wright Creek
Wuchusk Creek
Wuchusk River
Wunechegahda Creek
Wupanukamik River
Wuskatasko River
Wuskwatim Brook
Wythes Creek
Yakaw River
Yakaw River
Yakawosis Creek
Yellow Water River
York River
Young Creek
Zayets Creek
Zetterstrom Creek

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