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Location of Weaver Creek, Canada

Weaver Creek, (stream) is located in Saskatchewan, in Canada (America). It is placed in GMT-6 time zone with current time of 04:12 AM, Friday. Offset from your time zone: minutes.

Latitude position of Weaver Creek

decimal 49.56676
DMS 49° 34' 0.336" N
Distances from
North pole 4495.8 km
Equator 5511.3 km
South pole 15518.4 km

Longitude position

decimal -109.45148
DMS 109° 27' 5.328" W
Distance from prime meridian:
7109.6 km to West

Location of Weaver Creek relative to...

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List of nearest places sort by population

Medicine Hat 102.4 km 300°
Swift Current 142.5 km 55°
Brooks 207.2 km 303°
Taber 195.4 km 277°
Coaldale 228.6 km 274°
Kindersley 212.2 km
Maple Creek 39 km 356°
Bow Island 141.8 km 283°
Shaunavon 75 km 82°
Gravelbourg 211.4 km 80°
Weaver Creek
228.6 km
Medicine Hat
Swift Current
Maple Creek
Bow Island

Position of Weaver Creek on maps

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