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Location of Karting Club Tenerife, Spain

Karting Club Tenerife, (amusement park) is located in Canary Islands, in Spain (Atlantic). It is placed in GMT+1 time zone with current time of 05:06 PM, Saturday. Offset from your time zone: minutes.

Latitude position of Karting Club Tenerife

decimal 28.0518
DMS 28° 3' 6.48" N
Distances from
North pole 6888 km
Equator 3119.1 km
South pole 13126.1 km

Longitude position

decimal -16.65109
DMS 16° 39' 3.924" W
Distance from prime meridian:
1632.6 km to West

Location of Karting Club Tenerife relative to...

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List of nearest places sort by population

Arona 6.1 km 331°
Adeje 10.8 km 317°
Granadilla de Abona 10.5 km 44°
San Isidro 9.5 km 73°
San Miguel De Abona 6.1 km 32°
Playa de las Américas 7.9 km 279°
Las Rosas 4.1 km 183°
Vilaflor 11.7 km
El Médano 11.3 km 93°
La Estrella 4.4 km 184°
Karting Club Tenerife
11.7 km
Granadilla de Abona
San Isidro
San Miguel De Abona
Playa de las Américas
Las Rosas
El Médano

Position of Karting Club Tenerife on maps

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