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Location of Montecanal, Spain

Montecanal, (section of populated place) is located in Aragon, in Spain (Europe). It is placed in GMT+2 time zone with current time of 10:17 PM, Sunday. Offset from your time zone: minutes.

Latitude position of Montecanal

decimal 41.62965
DMS 41° 37' 46.74" N
Distances from
North pole 5378.3 km
Equator 4628.8 km
South pole 14635.8 km

Longitude position

decimal -0.93873
DMS 0° 56' 19.428" W
Distance from prime meridian:
78 km to West

Location of Montecanal relative to...

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List of nearest places sort by population

Zaragoza 5.9 km 60°
Delicias 3.4 km 49°
Oliver-Valdefierro 1.7 km 14°
Almozara 4.7 km 41°
Utebo 10.1 km 330°
Puebla de Alfindén 15.6 km 89°
Cuarte de Huerva 3.9 km 172°
María de Huerva 11.2 km 205°
Cadrete 8.4 km 192°
El Burgo de Ebro 17.6 km 111°
17.6 km
Puebla de Alfindén
Cuarte de Huerva
María de Huerva
El Burgo de Ebro

Position of Montecanal on maps

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