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Location of Vasyl'evsky Ostrov, Russia

Vasyl'evsky Ostrov, (section of populated place) is located in St.-Petersburg, in Russia (Europe). It is placed in GMT+3 time zone with current time of 02:13 PM, Friday. Offset from your time zone: minutes.

Latitude position of Vasyl'evsky Ostrov

decimal 59.94091
DMS 59° 56' 27.276" N
Distances from
North pole 3342.3 km
Equator 6664.8 km
South pole 16671.9 km

Longitude position

decimal 30.25377
DMS 30° 15' 13.572" E
Distance from prime meridian:
1670.2 km to East

Location of Vasyl'evsky Ostrov relative to...

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List of nearest places sort by population

Saint Petersburg 3.4 km 94°
Centralniy 6.1 km 100°
Admiralteisky 4 km 154°
Petrogradka 4.2 km 49°
Finlyandskiy 6.9 km 63°
Chernaya Rechka 5.7 km 28°
Staraya Derevnya 5.3 km 353°
Novaya Derevnya 5.5 km 19°
Krestovskiy ostrov 3.3 km
Kamenniy ostrov 4.6 km 24°
Vasyl'evsky Ostrov
6.9 km
Saint Petersburg
Chernaya Rechka
Staraya Derevnya
Krestovskiy ostrov

Position of Vasyl'evsky Ostrov on maps

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