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Location of Šmarje-Sap, Slovenia

Šmarje-Sap, (populated place) is located in Grosuplje, in Slovenia (Europe). It is placed in GMT+2 time zone with current time of 10:01 PM, Saturday. Offset from your time zone: minutes.

Latitude position of Šmarje-Sap

decimal 45.97618
DMS 45° 58' 34.248" N
Distances from
North pole 4895 km
Equator 5112.1 km
South pole 15119.1 km

Longitude position

decimal 14.61177
DMS 14° 36' 42.372" E
Distance from prime meridian:
1127.5 km to East

Location of Šmarje-Sap relative to...

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List of nearest places sort by population

Ljubljana 11.7 km 315°
Grosuplje 4.3 km 122°
Brezovica pri Ljubljani 17.5 km 291°
Lavrica 5 km 302°
Ig 6.6 km 254°
Škofljica 2.8 km 286°
Vnanje Gorice 15.1 km 283°
Ivančna Gorica 15.5 km 105°
Notranje Gorice 16.5 km 274°
Višnja Gora 10.6 km 103°
17.5 km
Brezovica pri Ljubljani
Ivančna Gorica
Višnja Gora

Position of Šmarje-Sap on maps

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