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Stream in Northwest Territories

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Tahiapik River
Takaatcho River
Taltson River
Tarpon River
Tawu Creek
Tazin River
Tchaneta River
Tertiary Creek
Tetcela River
Tethul River
The Big Snye
Thekulthili River
Thelon River
Thoa River
Thomsen River
Thonokied River
Three Cabin Creek
Thubun River
Thunder River
Thundercloud Creek
Tieda River
Tilchuse River
Toochingkla River
Tourangeau Creek
Trail Creek
Trail River
Trail Valley Creek
Trapper Creek
Travaillant River
Tree River
Trench Creek
Trout Creek
Trout Creek
Trout River
Trudel Creek
Tsichu River
Tsintu River
Tsital Trein Creek
Tso Creek
Tuholata Creek
Tuktu River
Tunago Creek
Tundra Creek
Turnabout Creek
Twentyfive Mile Creek
Twin Falls Creek
Twisty Creek
Twitya River
Two Ocean Creek

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