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Sound in Chile

List of sound in Chile (found 29 locations). Category description: A long arm of the sea forming a channel between the mainland and an island or islands; or connecting two larger bodies of water
Bahía Adventure (Aisén)
Bahía Arquistade (Magallanes)
Bahía Oglander (Magallanes)
Bahía Otway (Magallanes)
Bahía San Francisco (Magallanes)
Boca del Guafo (Los Lagos)
Canal Unión (Magallanes)
Golfillo de la Lobada de Quetros (Aisén)
Golfo Xaultegua (Magallanes)
Seno Año Nuevo (Magallanes)
Seno Ballena (Magallanes)
Seno Brenton (Magallanes)
Seno Duntze (Magallanes)
Seno Dyneley (Magallanes)
Seno Dynevor (Magallanes)
Seno Franklin (Magallanes)
Seno Glacier (Magallanes)
Seno Holloway (Aisén)
Seno Hoppner (Aisén)
Seno Hornby (Aisén)
Seno Jesuitas (Aisén)
Seno Lyell (Magallanes)
Seno Magdalena (Magallanes)
Seno Melville (Magallanes)
Seno Membrillar (Magallanes)
Seno Meteoro (Magallanes)
Seno Pulpo (Aisén)
Seno Skyring (Magallanes)
Seno del Enjambre (Magallanes)

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