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Anabranch in China

List of anabranch in China (found 21 locations). Category description: A diverging branch flowing out of a main stream and rejoining it downstream
Baimaoshabei Shuidao (Shanghai Shi)
Baimaoshanan Shuidao (Jiangsu)
Baoshan Shuidao (Shanghai Shi)
Boluomiao Shuidao (Guangdong)
Chisha Shuidao (Guangdong)
Dahaozhou Shuidao (Guangdong)
Dajiaotou Shuidao (Guangdong)
Heng Men (Guangdong)
Huangpu Shuidao (Guangdong)
Jia Jiang (Jiangsu)
Laojiang He
Lianhuashan Shuidao (Guangdong)
Liuhaisha Shuidao (Jiangsu)
Nantong Shuidao (Jiangsu)
Nizhou Shuidao (Guangdong)
Qinglonggang Shuidao (Jiangsu)
Tiezhuang Shuidao (Guangdong)
Tongzhousha Shuidao (Jiangsu)
Wuniuma Shuidao (Zhejiang Sheng)
Xinqiao Shuidao (Shanghai Shi)
Xinzao Shuidao (Guangdong)

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