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Lock(s) in India

List of lock(s) in India (found 17 locations). Category description: A basin in a waterway with gates at each end by means of which vessels are passed from one water level to another
Belsār Look (Bihar)
Chauri Lock (Bihar)
Danwār Lock (Bihar)
Diliya Lock (Bihar)
Duggirāla Lock (Andhra Pradesh)
Godichorla Lock (Andhra Pradesh)
Gostanadi & Kākaraparru Locks (Andhra Pradesh)
Gundlakamma Lock (Andhra Pradesh)
Gunsej Lock (Bihar)
Jadināda Lock & Weir (Andhra Pradesh)
Kommamūr Lock (Andhra Pradesh)
Mogalturru Tidal Lock (Andhra Pradesh)
Naubatpur Lock (Bihar)
Pauna Lock (Bihar)
Rāmpur Lock (Bihar)
Vijjeswaram Lock (Andhra Pradesh)
Vīranki Lock (Andhra Pradesh)

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