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Mesa(s) in India

List of mesa(s) in India (found 67 locations). Category description: A flat-topped, isolated elevation with steep slopes on all sides, less extensive than a plateau
Ara (Madhya Pradesh)
Badarkhoh (Madhya Pradesh)
Bainda Pahār (Uttar Pradesh)
Banden Hani (Karnataka)
Barasgāda Deo (Maharashtra)
Bari Pathār (Madhya Pradesh)
Barā Pahār (Maharashtra)
Bendā Pahār (Madhya Pradesh)
Bhaīronghāt (Madhya Pradesh)
Bodalpathār (Madhya Pradesh)
Chinna Gutta (Andhra Pradesh)
Chāndgarh (Madhya Pradesh)
Chāra Pahār (Madhya Pradesh)
Dhandera (Madhya Pradesh)
Dhaurichil Pahār (Madhya Pradesh)
Dhumgarh Pahār (Madhya Pradesh)
Dongra Pahār (Madhya Pradesh)
Era Gutta (Andhra Pradesh)
Garabgarh Pahār (Madhya Pradesh)
Garhi Parāsin Pahār (Uttar Pradesh)
Gaulivādi (Maharashtra)
Ghogharka (Madhya Pradesh)
Goni Hani (Karnataka)
Gubakurva Motta (Andhra Pradesh)
Kansol (Madhya Pradesh)
Karimuru Hani (Karnataka)
Katīla (Madhya Pradesh)
Kulk Hani (Karnataka)
Kurmūr Tekri (Maharashtra)
Kāla Pahār (Madhya Pradesh)
Kālina Konda (Andhra Pradesh)
Lambi Pathār (Madhya Pradesh)
Latār (Madhya Pradesh)
Lohegad Māl (Maharashtra)
Lohāri Pathār (Madhya Pradesh)
Maddimadugu Gutta (Andhra Pradesh)
Majhpāra (Madhya Pradesh)
Mallan Hani (Karnataka)
Mandal Gattū (Andhra Pradesh)
Manyāgarh (Madhya Pradesh)
Maulāli Hani (Karnataka)
Mogi Hani (Karnataka)
Mundi Pathār (Madhya Pradesh)
Mār (Maharashtra)
Nakta Hur (Madhya Pradesh)
Nāyina Konda (Andhra Pradesh)
Pedda Malla (Andhra Pradesh)
Pedda Mūla (Andhra Pradesh)
Peddagāli Motu (Andhra Pradesh)
Peddapandi Konda (Andhra Pradesh)
Pulārik Hani (Karnataka)
Purwa Pahār (Madhya Pradesh)
Rawal (Madhya Pradesh)
Rājdon (Madhya Pradesh)
Rājādhār Pahār (Madhya Pradesh)
Rāni Hur (Madhya Pradesh)
Sentra Pahār (Madhya Pradesh)
Sonegaon Māl (Maharashtra)
Sākar Māl (Maharashtra)
Thumri Pathār (Madhya Pradesh)
Tikariya Pahār (Madhya Pradesh)
Topi Hani (Karnataka)
Tādpalli Hani (Karnataka)
Vad Māl (Maharashtra)
Vāmi Konda (Andhra Pradesh)
Vāmi Konda (Andhra Pradesh)
Yeti Hani (Karnataka)

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