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Stream in Northwest Territories

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Red Rock Creek
Redstone River
Relfe River
Rengleng River
River Between TwoMountains
Riviere Poisson-Bleu
Rivière Grandin
Rivière la Martre
Robb River
Robinson Creek
Root River
Rosalie Creek
Roscoe River
Ross River
Rotten Creek
Rouge Mountain River
Rufus River
Rumbly Creek
Rummy Creek
Rusty Creek
Rutledge River
Sachs River
Sahndaa Creek
Sainville River
Salatreil River
Saline River
Salt River
Sammon's Creek
Sanders Creek
Sandhill River
Sandy Creek
Sandy River
Saningayualuk River
Sardine Creek
Sass River
Satah River
Satchik River
Scho Creek
Schooner Creek
Schwandt River
Scotty Creek
Sea Otter River
Second Creek
Sekwi Brook
Seton Creek
Sheaf Creek
Shearpin Creek
Sheep Creek
Sheep Lick Creek
Sheepbed Creek
Shelter Creek
Sibbeston River
Silverberry River
Siogak River
Sitidgi Creek
Skull Creek
Slater River
Slave River
Sled Creek
Sloan River
Small Axe Creek
Smith Creek
Smoke River
Snafu Creek
Snake Creek
Snake Lake
Snake River
Snare River
Snow Goose Creek
Snow River
Snowdrift River
Snowshoe Creek
Soaking Creek
Soto Creek
South Dillon Creek
South Lened Creek
South Nahanni River
Sparks River
Spence River
Sperry Creek
Spruce Creek
St. Charles Creek
Stagg River
Stanley Creek
Stark River
Starvation River
Station Creek
Steel Creek
Stefansson Creek
Stelfox Creek
Stewart Creek
Stick Creek
Stone Knife River
Stony Creek
Stony Creek
Storkerson River
Striding River
Sucker Creek
Sugar Creek
Sullivan Creek
Sully Creek
Summit Creek
Sundog Creek
Sungukpagaluk River
Surprise River
Swan Creek
Swede Creek
Tahiapik River
Takaatcho River
Taltson River
Tarpon River
Tawu Creek
Tazin River
Tchaneta River
Tertiary Creek
Tetcela River
Tethul River
The Big Snye
Thekulthili River
Thelon River
Thoa River
Thomsen River
Thonokied River
Three Cabin Creek
Thubun River
Thunder River
Thundercloud Creek
Tieda River
Tilchuse River
Toochingkla River
Tourangeau Creek
Trail Creek
Trail River
Trail Valley Creek
Trapper Creek
Travaillant River
Tree River
Trench Creek
Trout Creek
Trout Creek
Trout River
Trudel Creek
Tsichu River
Tsintu River
Tsital Trein Creek
Tso Creek
Tuholata Creek
Tuktu River
Tunago Creek
Tundra Creek
Turnabout Creek
Twentyfive Mile Creek
Twin Falls Creek
Twisty Creek
Twitya River
Two Ocean Creek
Ukpillik River
Undecided Creek
Upper Beaver River
Vanishing Ram Creek
Vera Creek
Vermilion Creek
Virgin Creek
Vittrekwa River
Waldron River
Walker Creek
Wallace Creek
Wecho River
Weldon Creek
West River
Whalemen River
Whirlwind River
White Fox River
White Sand Creek
White Sand River
White Sandy River
Whitefish River
Whitesand River
Willow Creek
Willow River
Willowlake River
Windy Creek
Winter River
Wolf Creek
Wolf Creek
Wolverine Creek
Wolverine River
Woon River
Wopmay River
Wrigley Creek
Wrigley River
Yatage River
Yates River
Yaya River
Yellowhills Creek
Yellowknife River
Yellowlegs Creek
Zebulon River
Zed Creek
Zenchuk Creek

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